Споразумението за климата, в който живеем

Only love for the true-self and for the environment will inspire people to want to save it.
Хвалят французите за дипломатичният им подход за постигане на климатичното споразумение… И аз да похваля, че не е било само дипломация, а приятно ухае и на медиация 🙂
  • „Procedurally, the French took great care. They instituted a series of talks known as „confessionals“. These were intended as confidential places where delegates could, in the words of one French official, „speak from the heart“ to listening French diplomats, with no holds barred and an assurance of privacy.“
  • „After these measures were still not producing enough progress, Fabius turned to „indabas“ – by Zulu tradition, these are groups of elders convened to try to discuss disputes in communities. They were first tried out at the Durban climate talks in South Africa, in 2011, and under France’s plan they consisted of groups of up to 80 delegates at a time gathered to thrash out the remaining disagreements.“ Източник: TheGuardian
Така се радвам, че все по-смело и навреме използваме наистина работещи – сега, надълбоко и нашироко – подходи. И съм напълно съгласна и с Чарлз Ейзенщейн, че Only a Revolution of Love can Save the Climate. Климатът вътре в нас, наоколо ни и помежду ни. Нека!

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