Mediation – how it works in practice? The book!

This book is written in response to the public need for a clear understanding what MEDIATION is. The author Katina Klyavkova directly names the essence of this alternative dispute resolution peace-making practice. She has been researching and applying mediation for more than twenty years.

THE BOOK is aimed not only at professional mediators, peacemakers but also at anyone who is resonating with holistic conciliation methods. The reader can dive into the ocean of mediation and experience it in practice as a party or as a mediator in various controversial situations in life.

MEDIATION is interdisciplinary and widely applicable. It is one of the most up-to-date ways to harmonize relationships. The aha!-approach has been specifically developed by the author to inspire mediation parties to transform relationships at their very core.

The author Katina Klyavkova is a professional mediator, conflictology expert, and peacemaker, with many difficult cases and 92 % success rate. She has been a trainer and director for many years at the Ahaya Mediation Center and Aha!demia for mediators. Her legal and psychological education gave her a solid foundation and her expert skills in emotional intelligence and organizational culture supported her as a moderator for building win-win relationships.

! The BOOK is available:

  1. On Amazon: Kindle eBook and Paperback : HERE
  2. Directly from „Aha Society“ Foundation, Bulgaria: Special price: 25 euro / 50 leva. 

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